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Carlisle Festival of Hope
with Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

A circus of creativity and connectivity by young people for young people.

Lead by seven young producers, our festival tackles underrepresentation, local audio history, art competitions and much more.

Festival subjects range from a visual Grime EP to the cities history of ghost tales. Mediums including webinars, puppet shows, social media and live streams. 

Operated by local creatives, aged 17 – 25, we capture a slice of Carlisle that may not always be magnified. A festival of Hope for the great border city.

Creativity is being stripped from our lives and we want our festival to activate change in our city!

We will bring you real stories and experiences through mix-tapes, public art, inspiring film and alternative history. Our festival will be a supportive, inspiring and safe space where you can join in, quietly create, connect with others, be yourself, have your say and celebrate the diversity of the creative youth in Carlisle.

Since we started planning our festival, a lot of things have changed, what was going to be a multi-venue live festival will now be delivered a little bit differently, but it certainly won’t be less!

We might have had to ditch some of our plans for now, but this unique situation has helped us to push ourselves in directions we would never have imagined.

We’ve been re-thinking our plans for live art shows, figuring out how to film a documentary, working out how to put on a gig, thinking about how we want our experiences of lockdown to be remembered and learning about how digital platforms can help us to connect with even more young people who feel the same way we do.

We, the creative producers are very close to having this all figured out (we promise) so keep in the loop and follow @Carlislehopefest on instagram for some big announcements coming soon!

Festival of Hope Producers

Emerge Art Competition

Contemporary Art Competition (EMERGE) for young people resulting in an online exhibition – winner receives a commission from Tullie House. Responding to how art has ‘saved’ people during lockdown, Chloe will share her creative DNA to inspire others to make.

UnderRepresent: Loud & Proud

Loud and Proud is a pride month themed Q&A held on the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. We have a panel made up of different LGBTQ+ people (and awesome allies) where we will have a look into the history of the uprising and how far we have come as a community since then. We will discuss representation, identity, and education whilst answering some questions from the audience, in this safe and informal space.

Empathy and Apathy

Visual EP Mix-tape project incorporating the themes Empathy and Apathy, working with young musicians in Carlisle who are part of the emerging rap/grime scene receiving very little investment. Dale is effectively a mentor for a completely different group of young people who would not typically engage in a museum project.

Loud and Live

A social history project capturing the history and experiences of Rock, punk and Metal shows in Carlisle over the past 50 years. Ali also hopes to showcase a live set from a local musician or band. Unsure if we can pull off a socially distanced filmed performance, so open to showcasing using bedroom gigs.

The submitted material will be mixed together by a VJ who will incorporate grungy effects/layering techniques and visual reverberation. The live show performance will be chopped in with archive submissions and footage of other historical shows. (Think Black Sabbath, everyone’s worst myspace photos, colourful Mohawks colliding together to create a virtual mosh pit.) The fantastic thing about this project is we really don’t know what archived material we’ll have to work with!

Hannah Recommends

Aware there is inspiration and cool things happening out there, Hannah aims to signpost and market things that have captured her attention and share them with other young people. This is a great audience development project, which creates content for us to build a following before our festival begins.

Life in Unity

A documentary film – (re-positioned for the BLM captive audience) – ‘Life in Unity’ is a short documentary film that explores the lives of three young members of Carlisle’s community whose families’ heritage lies beyond the city’s borders, as they live, learn and work in the place they call home.

Animated ghost story

Animated ghost story inspired by Tullie Collections and the parallels between working class and wealthy people of Carlisle. Humorous, beautiful imagery with a folklore injection. Potentially collaborating with Ian Douglas, Prism and Haltwhistle film Project.

Our organisers and sponsors

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