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Welcome to our Festival of Hope Carlisle

A Festival of Creativity and Connectivity for young people, by young people.

Emerging from a socially isolated world, we are determined to reignite the spark of youth culture by bringing innovation, representation and virtual togetherness.

We feel that creativity is being stripped from our lives and we share a common goal to activate change in our great border city!


Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery have teamed up with a group of 7 young producers who have planned a festival programme from scratch.

This festival sees the young producers in the driving seat, creating their own alternative arts & heritage activity for their peers.

This is our opportunity to  test out new approaches, digital platforms, showcase contemporary art and history, and capture the stories of people who are usually under-represented.

The programme will include…

  • underREPRESENT – A series of Q&A’s which tackle under-representation and alternative creative careers.
  • LIVE & LOUD – A local Rock, Metal and Punk history showcase in the form of  a grunge TV show.
  • EMERGE – A Visual Art Competition for young Cumbrian creatives.
  • A documentary telling stories of young people,  and showing different cultures hidden within the city.
  • Empathy X Apathy   – A Hip-Hop EP release which tells a personal story of Apathy and Empathy.
  • Hannah Recommends – A virtual guide’ using what is around us to learn, discover and create.
  • An immersive, anti-digital public art installation in a pop-up location.
  • An Animated ghost tour inspired by Carlisle’s past! Could this be the first ever digital ghost walk?



Young Producer: Izak
Featuring: Various Artists

Live on 10th, 17th, 23rd & 24th August

underREPRESENT is a series of Q&A’s about giving ourselves the diverse representation we need in the creative industry.

These Q&As will look at different creative practitioners who feel under-represented in some way or another, and how they use their platform to give themselves a voice and visibility.

We aim to explore:

– How do we want to be represented?
– Things to help us feel less alienated here in Carlisle.
– How can we encourage young people to stay here and flourish?
– A wide range of topics to provide others with the education we wish we had.


Live and Loud

Young Producer: Ali
Featuring: IMPA TV and Various Artists
Livestream on the 22nd August

A local Rock, Metal and Punk history showcase in the form of a Scuzz-style TV show.


EMERGE Competition

Young Producer: Chloe
Featuring: Various Artists
Entries now open. Live on 25th August

A Visual Art Competition for young Cumbrian creatives and an online exhibition experience. 


Culture of Freedom

Young Producer: Mariana
Featuring: Various contributors
Live on 20th August

A documentary that tells the stories of young people and shows some of the different cultures hidden within the city.


Told from the perspective of one of our young producers, whose own personal journey to Carlisle has forced her to question ideas around identity and inequality, this short film will celebrate Carlisle’s young, culturally rich community and address how we might encourage a conversation to create positive change.

Using a combination of audio and video interviews recorded online, personal footage recorded by the filmmaker and contributors themselves, the film attempts to offer up a window into the barriers and prejudices the contributors face in their day to day lives, and how they understand and overcome them.

Empathy X Apathy EP Launch

Young Producer: Dale
Featuring: Dale
Live on 26th August

Empathy X Apathy is a project brought forward by Dale that brings a coming of age story to life through his art form. We follow a young Dale going through the motions, to finally end up where he belongs.

Hannah Recommends

Young Producer: Hannah
Live on 11th, 18th and 25th August

Hannah Recommends is a virtual guide targeting young creatives and providing recommendations of inspiring, hand-picked content and activities.

Through this, we hope to offer resources that will stimulate and support creative and social development.

POP-UP shop

Young Producer: Chloe
Featuring: Chloe
Live dates 20th–26th August

A shopfront exhibition inside the local shopping centre, that brings art to the people.

Chloe will use humour, performance and hand-made props to play with people’s ideas of what art is.


Animated Ghost Tour

Young Producer: Jess
Featuring: Ghosts
Live on 24th August

For the Festival of Hope Jess is creating a “historical docusoap”, using the format of a ghost story, and puppets to inspire the public to engage with objects in Tullie House’s collections in a way they might not have before. Through this story Jess hopes to change the public’s perception of museums, and their perception of how young engage with culture and history.





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